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Steps of Building a Custom Home

Steps of Building a Custom Home

Deciding to tackle your dreams for building a custom home is very exciting and rewarding. Many people like the idea of having complete control and creative freedom when it comes to designing their ultimate abode. After all, no one knows your personality, your tastes, your organizational skills and your preferences as well as you do!

Being able to communicate effectively with your contractors and design team is essential for success. Thomson Dwellings is proud to be your custom home builder Kelowna! We understand the multitude of minute details that go into making this entire endeavour a positive experience. Some common design considerations when building a custom home include:

  • Layout
  • Skylights
  • Windows and Ambiance
  • Accommodation
  • Views
  • Storage
  • Open Concept or Defined Spaces? (Or open concept with defined spaces?)
  • Deck and Outdoor Living
  • Landscaping
  • Pool & Hot Tub Options
  • Driveway Considerations
  • Garage, Carport
  • Barn and Out-buildings
  • Maintenance

Budget Considerations For Building A Custom Home

Determining a budget is one of the most vital aspects of this entire undertaking. Knowing how much you have to work with from the beginning can save you from being disappointed down the road. Deciding how green you want your home to be, whether you will be relying on refurbished items and recycled materials to create the energy-efficient space you crave are all key factors.

For example, if passive house design is important to you, prepare to spend more on your design and construction as opposed to finishing touches. Conversely, if high-end features are your priority, you may be able to afford those easier if you are willing to use refurbished pieces elsewhere.


Thomson Dwellings: Custom Home Builder Kelowna

Take some time to consider how you foresee the energy flowing from room to room. What is the overall feeling you want to have the minute you set foot inside of your new space? What are the current issues creating stress in your place now? Are you seeking to eliminate current stresses in your new home design?

Having some meaningful conversations with your family members can help you shed light on which areas tend to feel cluttered or disorganized. Future prospects regarding how safe your home will be against forest fires and flooding are additional things to keep in mind throughout the process.

Communication Is Key When Building A Custom Home

Verbal communication is only one method. Many clients come to us with hand-written notes, collages of magazine clippings for specifics (roof lines, bathtub faucets, their ideal master bedroom, spiral staircases etcetera). Other clients prefer to save their favourite features on a Pinterest board or some similar online app.

We love hearing and seeing all of your ideas. We take the time to get to know our clients’ throughout the entire process of building a custom home. This helps us to deliver a finished space beyond our clients’ expectations. Check out some of our projects here for inspiration.

Is Thomson Dwellings Right For Your Next Residential Project?

We would love to hear what you have in mind. Perhaps, you are looking to start from the ground up and have found the ideal property for building a custom home. Maybe, you already love your location and are wanting to revamp and renovate a portion of your home to reflect your needs and wants.

Either way, we would love to see if our team is the right fit for your next residential construction endeavour. Now is the perfect time for building a custom home!

Contact Thomson Dwellings today to get started. We are excited to hear about how we can help make your dreams come true.