Kelowna Renovations

You love the location of your home and your neighborhood, yet, your home is not quite as functional and organized as you would like. Building from scratch doesn’t apply here since there are great bones to your abode and customization is possible. This is where we come in! Our dedicated crew listens to your concerns and meshes your wish list into a brand new space where you can thrive. You need an experienced contractor and designer to help you transform your dreams into your new reality. We can help you feel passionate about your space by adding the square footage and details you desire.

Whether you prefer updating your basement for your new family games room or adding an income suite or carriage home, a garage with a bonus room or a master bedroom replicating your idea of Zen, we’d love to be involved in your next Kelowna renovation.

Whole Home Renovations

The energy within your home either flows effortlessly from room to room or it doesn’t! Every space can be connected and harmonized with some strategy and creativity. This may mean adding more ambiance with expansive windows, skylights or patio French doors onto your new deck. It could translate to tearing out a non-load bearing wall to achieve that open concept you prefer. We enjoy getting to know our clients to determine how to meet their needs while exceeding their expectations. Adding storage, energy efficiency and organization along the way while eliminating bottlenecks and enhancing connections is what we are all about. Let us help you love every aspect of your home. Adding function, personality and style to each space while reducing your footprint to create a one-of-a-kind home that is as beautiful and unique as you are.

Kitchen Renovations

Also known as the heart of the home, your kitchen compares to the heart within our bodies. This central location yearns to be streamlined. functional and fabulous. Does your kitchen currently inspire you? Is there enough space to host those family gatherings and dinner parties you crave? Or, is it chaos when more than two people are trying to prepare a meal? Does all heck break out when the kids are trying to pack their lunches? If bumping into corners and people is driving your crazy, you are not alone!

Older kitchen designs can create stress and breed unsatisfaction. Crowded floorplans and needing a stool to access the back nether-reaches of your cabinetry is frustrating. If you are simply too exhausted to cook because the chi is off and you can’t fit or find all of your appliances, we’ve got you! It can become far too easy to avoid cooking altogether when every meal feels like a giant hassle.

Imagine a gorgeous, functional design that beckons everyone to converse and relax. Imagine not having to traverse down to your makeshift pantry out in the garage or basement every time you need that can of beans! We listen to your frustration points and deliver the design options that will positively transform your kitchen vibes while providing a phenomenal return on investment for resale and peace of mind.

Bathroom Renovations

You start and end your day in this magical room. It is the space where you can soak away your muscle aches with dim lighting and enjoy hydrotherapy. It is also where you get ready, preparing for daily adventures and challenges. If your current master bathroom reminds you of a cheap hotel instead of the luxurious spa-like atmosphere you have always craved, we are here for you! Streamlining the layout to be organized, functional and efficient while reducing your energy footprint are some of our specialties. Enjoy the view from your bathroom, add more natural light and let us help you love spending time in this potentially decadent space.