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Best Features to Add When Building a House 

Best Features to Add When Building a House 

Everyone has pictured adding that extra feature to their home that would make it that much better. The best part of building a house is that you actually get to do it. Not only that but adding that one extra feature can also make your home worth more as well. 

Here are a few ideas for inspiration to add to your dream home plans 

Features to Add When Building a House: Hidden Rooms 

Be honest, when you first saw a hidden room in a movie or TV show you probably thought it was the coolest thing in the world. Whether it’s a secret trapdoor to an underground room or a bookcase that only opens when you pull out a specific book to reveal a secret study, they can be fun and unique additions to any home. Just make sure they’re as easy to get out of as they are to get into (and have the proper ventilation).  

Innovate Your Stairs 

Who says you need to have regular stairs? Consider adding a spiral staircase or even a slide to have a fun way to go down to the main floor.  

If you want to keep your stairs basic – but want to maximize on storage – look into adding pull out drawers that slide out of the staircase. Alternatively, add a small reading nook underneath if they wrap around or add long-term storage options under the stairs to free up space. 

Sauna in new bathroom

Go All Out on the Bathroom 

This is your opportunity to have a totally luxurious bathroom. We’re talking walk-in shower, bathtub with jets, or maybe even adding a sauna. This is going to be your house, why not make the bathroom a place you can escape from it all within the comfort of your own home?  

As an added bonus, modern bathrooms add a lot of value to a home, especially if the plumbing and fixtures are energy efficient. Adding a lot of natural light can also add value which leads us into our next point… 

Incorporate as Much Natural Light as Possible 

Why spend tons of money setting up expensive light fixtures in your home when you can have the sun bring in the majority of the light to your home? Sun tunnels and skylights can really brighten up a space and are perfect for bathrooms to help them feel more open. 

Add as many windows as you like to your home to get the vistas you always wanted. The more natural light you have the less you’ll need to spend on electricity each month as well. 

There are plenty of cool features to add to your home when building a house. Expansive kitchen islands, a home theatre big enough to entertain many guests, a climate-controlled wine cellar, the list goes on and on. Hopefully this has given you a place to start for inspiration to build the dream home you always wanted. 



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